If you ask INSIDIOUS DISEASE about their definition of death metal they would probably answer that it should satisfy your urge for darkness, the morbid and the sick, the perverted and the twisted, all things insane that can be discovered within the human mind and soul manifesting in a sound that make you vomit your guts out! “Shadowcast”, the band’s Century Media debut, is a blood-soaked proof that the quintet successfully accomplished this mission and created one of the genres biggest positive surprises in 2010!
But let us take a trip through the criminal record of the band since such sonic extremity is ideally created by people who bring tons of experience in the field of extreme music onto the coroner’s table:

INSIDIOUS DISEASE was formed in late 2004 by Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir) and Jardar (Old Man’s Child) with drummer extraordinaire Tony Laureano (Angelcorpse, Nile). Later Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Brujeria, Lock Up) joined the fold to complete the pounding pulse and rhythm section. The search for a fitting vocalist was not easy since the band wanted to have a distinct main voice that differed quite a bit from the typical, interchangeable low guttural gurgling. After auditioning several candidates, it was clear that non other than Marc Grewe (of former German death metal cult act Morgoth) would handle vocal duties since his maniacal screams perfectly fit the rabid sound of the band.
The idea for this band dates back several years ago, as Silenoz and Jardar kept talking about joining forces again. They both quit the death metal outfit Malefic back in ’92 to go on forming Dimmu Borgir and Old Man’s Child respectively, but never lost the urge to play brutal music together. Things did not really get down to business until late 2004 when Tony showed interest in doing the drums for the band and finally the sleeping beast awakened from its slumber, songs were completed and the first rehearsals took place.
After already successfully playing the prestigious Wacken Open Air as an unsigned band twice, in 2009 and 2016 (also other big festivals like With Full Force) the band has been working on the long awaited as of yet untitled follow up album which will finally hit the streets in 2017. Expect an even more refined back to basics groovy old school approach, more groove and sick, filthy, twisted abhorrence!
Cyrus (known from Susperia and current bassist in the live line-up of Dimmu Borgir) has since the last couple of years been handling the guitar after Jardar left and exited into the wilderness.
Musically, lyrically and visually the 2010 album “Shadowcast” is one hell of a ride down to the core of honest, brutal and violent death metal at its very best, and should leave no fan of the genre dissatisfied. INSIDIOUS DISEASE combine the spirit of the old g(l)ory days of dark and sinister death metal with well-dosed modern twists and turns without making it sound too technical, polished and melodic. The focus is on the songs as a whole, an art way too often ignored nowadays. All of the renowned members of INSIDIOUS DISEASEhave created extremely diverse and different sounds during the past years, but on “Shadowcast” and perhaps even more so on the new upcoming album each one of them shows that their concept of death metal does not differ a bit from the listener’s perspective: a true escape for everyone who appreciate devastating and bash-your-face-in heaviness glazed with a gush of blood!